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"The core and sound of GR Mouthpieces is unmatched by anything I've played my entire career."

Wayne Bergeron...more

"We believe we can troubleshoot any playing issue you may be experiencing. Our superior design and manufacturing will provide you with a perfect equipment match to you and your horn. For players on that constant search, this is the the best solution in the industry."
Gary Radtke...more


GR Mouthpiece Rims provide the best comfort, accuracy, and overall playability in the industry. ...more

GR Mouthpiece Cups are strategically designed to provide optimum response and sound....more

GR Backbores  provide the player with fast, clean attacks, a huge fat sound, and unmatched intonation....more

GR Blanks or outside shapes and weights match all playing situations from "Commercial to Classical"...more


Trumpet Flugelhorn Piccolo Trumpet Cornet Signature Series


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