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GR offers 4 standard Trumpet Mouthpiece Backbores.

  • Each backbore has been meticulously designed to provide the player with fast, clear articulations, unmatched sound, and centered intonation.
  • Standard GR Backbores have been chosen to match particular cups in the GR line.
  • The player may choose a different GR backbore as a custom option to match musical needs or particular horns.

T-72S Backbore
  • Our tightest Commercial Backbore.
  • High compression with a huge fat core of sound. More free blowing than conventional "commercial" backbores with a bigger sound! Ideal for large bore horns.
  • May be purchased with optional ear plugs for saxophone players.
  • Projects like a laser. A really big one.

#1 Backbore
  • Our standard commercial backbore.
  • More free blowing then the T-72S. Bigger sound, huge in fact!
  • Compression with a ton of fatness in the sound.
  • Projects a bigger core of sound than T-72.

#2 Backbore
  • Our standard "all around" backbore.
  • This plays big and brilliant - full of overtones.
  • Ideal for all styles of playing from commercial to symphonic.
  • Quick snappy articulations.
  • Blow resistance seems to be closer to you down low and a bit farther away up high.
  • Our most popular backbore!

#3 Backbore
  • Our standard "Symphonic" backbore. More open than the #2.
  • Ideal for C trumpet and features everything that the #2 provides, but with a more open blow.
  • Massive sound with an open feel.