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Mouthpieces are generally silver plated. Gold is usually an optional finish, however, today we are able to offer Rhodium, as well as Lexan and Delrin plastic rims.
Plated or plastic rims are necessary to protect the player from toxins present in raw brass.

Let's take a look at each option:
  • Silver is usually the finish of choice. Plated properly, a silver mouthpiece is attractive and protective, plus relatively inexpensive. Most players do very well with silver.
  • Gold is an option for players who may have an allergy to silver, or who want a little added "bling" to their equipment. Gold does look great but can feel more slippery than silver.
  • Rhodium is an option for players who like a plated mouthpiece and who may be very acidic. Rhodium is very durable, looks like silver, but it does offer more grip as well.
  • Lexan Plastic is great for players who have to play in extreme heat or cold. It is comfortable on the chops but very grippy!
  • Delrin Plastic is similar in feel to Lexan, however it is much more slippery.
  • Plastic rims also act as an insulator which will deaden acoustical feedback to the player. This could inhibit performance!
The grip of the plating is crucial to performance. Too slippery and endurance will suffer. Too grippy and flexibility suffers, leaving only arm pressure.

Our play testing results: Grippy to Slippery

Very Grippy: Lexan
Medium Grippy: Rhodium
Middle of the Road: Silver
Medium Slippery: Delrin
Slippery: Gold
This is a very personal choice! Experiment to see which works best for you!