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Now, we understand that all of this can look intimidating at first but as you navigate through the various parameters tutorials, we are certain that you will achieve a better understanding of all components which make up the mouthpiece.

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Below you will see the GR Parameters Diagram. These parameters are on every mouthpiece out there.

GR is the only manufacturer who defines and assigns a numerical value to mouthpiece parameters.

This is important to the player for the following reasons:
  • Numerical values mean repeatability. This means that if you as a player have success with a certain alpha angle as an example, this angle can be repeated on other cup volumes or mouthpiece models.
  • No guesswork involved. If we know a certain blow resistance works for you, we have those numbers and can repeat them for your other mouthpieces.
  • Accurate design work. Custom mouthpieces can be made more precisely to fit your needs as a player using these defined parameters.
  • Accurate manufacturing. These parameters are programed into every design and accurately cut using our CNC equipment.
  • Not touched by human hamds. Once programed, our CNC machines do the work. Each action is carefully watched by Gary Radtke but at no time is hand work involved.
  • GR never does hand tooling, which is inaccurate and unrepeatable. This is only achieved using the GR Parameters.
  • The Sound Wave is never interrupted. This is the basis for all GR Compu-Balanced designs.