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"The sound and core of GR Mouthpieces is unmatched by anything I have played my entire career"
Trumpet Legend, Wayne Bergeron

Wayne Bergeron Trumpet Mouthpieces
WB Studio:
This mouthpiece was designed to accommodate the majority of my daily work demands. This "lead" mouthpiece is powerful, and very resonant in all registers. The core of sound is unmatched by anything I‘ve ever played my entire career. The rim has a soft comfortable bite for improved endurance.
I was playing a Shew 1.5 and 2 before I made the switch to the GR Custom. The (GR) rim will feel larger and softer. I lost nothing with the larger rim feel. I gained a better sound, endurance, and range!
Many of my colleagues in Los Angeles have noticed my enhanced sound!!
WB Classic:
This GR Mouthpiece shares the same rim as the WB Studio Model. The cup is deeper to enhance the lower overtones and to create a clear, full-bodied sound. Players will not lose any range due to of lack of compression, which sometimes happens with a change to a larger mouthpiece. This is my mouthpiece of choice for smaller ensemble playing, lower section parts, and for the occasional times that I use C trumpet.
WB FD Trumpet/Flugel:
The FD model has a very intimate, dark sound. I’ve used this for several different solos that needed to be more cornet like in nature. The FD is also a great tool for achieving an airy and diffused sound. (ala Chet Baker) I absolutely love this mouthpiece!
This is a very versatile and useful tool every trumpet should have with them at all times. Great for that soft entrance or effect in the studio, jazz settings, and also great for the C trumpet in the orchestra. Forget your Flugelhorn, pop in the FD and you won't need to check an extra bag when traveling. The FD uses the same rim found on the other WB Models. This is a standard GR FD Mouthpiece with a Bergeron rim profile.

Wayne Bergeron Flugelhorn Mouthpieces
The standard WB FL produces a dark, buttery sound but still has the focused clarity for studio and section work. This is the mouthpiece of choice for section work as the clarity, accuracy, and projection are unmatched. This is a standard GR FL Model with a Bergeron rim profile.

WB FL***:
The WB Flugel*** has 10% more cup volume and matched backbore to help create a covered, fluffy sound. This is a great choice for small group playing and an intimate sound. This is a standard GR FL*** Model with a Bergeron rim profile.