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"I am rediscovering how to play my horn. I feel like a kid again!"
Eric Miyashiro

Eric is one of today's most powerful players on the planet. His playing demands include covering Bill Chase's screaming lead trumpet, Maynard's power, and then switching things up and playing delicate piccolo trumpet and sultry flugelhorn. Eric's mouthpieces of choice to cover all of these demands...GR Eric Miyashiro Signature Series.

"It was brutal day. I had a out door jazz festival gig that started early morning and a live TV show that was on the same night at at the Blue Note Tokyo. All and all, we had been playing all day long, but this shows you how (GR) saved my a$$ getting through this rough day ending with live TV! I could have held on to those double C's for days."

EM Studio Lead EM Studio Lead
Our Price: $395.00
EM Studio M EM Studio M
Our Price: $395.00
EM Classic EM Classic
Our Price: $395.00
Our Price: $395.00
EM Piccolo Trumpet EM Piccolo Trumpet
Our Price: $395.00