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Louis Dowdeswell:
We spent a day play testing lots of existing modes, measuring my lips and discussing what I felt that I needed. With all the information he gathered from this experience, GR put his magic numbers into his computer program. This program contains all the secret mathematics which GR has developed over the past 25 years and is one of many reasons why these are the world's best trumpet mouthpieces. After configuring the parameters of the mouthpiece in the software, they were transferred to the lathe for cutting.
GR cut me the first-ever T1.0 and the first time I played it I was like ... "WOW... what is this voodoo magic??!". Perfect, one take! I really didn't go to GR feeling I had any issues with my previous gear, but how wrong I was. I left GR's workshop with more dynamic range, better articulation, I could play higher, lower and the middle register had never felt so secure. Thank you so much, Gary, for making trumpet playing that little bit easier for me, I enjoy playing more now than I ever have.

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Louis Dowdeswell T1.0 Louis Dowdeswell T1.0

T1.0 (S Cup) - This was the original mouthpiece GR designed for me. It is my go-to mouthpiece for 95% of my work.

Our Price: $395.00
Louis Dowdeswell Flugel 1.0 Louis Dowdeswell Flugel 1.0

Louis FL model is a perfect match to the Louis Dowdeswell trumpet models.

Our Price: $395.00
Louis T-2.0 Louis T-2.0

A more voluminous version of the T.1.0, designed to make a darker sound but without sacrificing too much range and endurance. This mouthpiece is a great crossover mouthpiece, particularly for those that like a relatively narrow rim diameter.

Our Price: $395.00
Louis T-3.0 Louis T-3.0

Even more voluminous than the T2.0, the T3.0 is designed to assist players to blend in with a darker, more orchestral sound while maintaining the rim diameter as the rest of the series. Perfect for C trumpet too.

Our Price: $395.00
Louis TFD Louis TFD

If you don't fancy bringing your flugelhorn to a gig, then fear not, the TFD is a flugelhorn mouthpiece for a trumpet. It makes a beautiful, fluffy tone and still remains in tune, despite the large volume. A great tool to have in the bag.

Our Price: $395.00
T1.5 T1.5

Do you find the T1.0 a little too shallow and the T2.0 a little too big? We have the perfect Goldilocks solution...the Louis Dowdeswell T1.5.
This piece is exactly half way between the T1.0 and the T2.0. More overtones with ZING!

Our Price: $395.00