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G.O.A.T = Greatest Of All Time

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The Goat….Greatest Of All Time!

This project is based off an old Maynard mouthpiece from about 60 years ago, many of you have probably run across copies done by most mouthpiece makers. This mouthpiece was made to match those 60+ year old trumpets and not the modern-day improved trumpets.

GR’s Goat mouthpieces are not copies. GR took certain parameters, cleaned up the math, solving the soundwave equation with the GR mouthpiece design program and produced 3 version of that Maynard mouthpiece. Goal was to have the Maynard rim feel, v.1 a similar blow to the original, v.2 improved math for current day horns, and v.3 new technology to allow for the player with more lip engagement. These models were improved for the vast demands of trumpet players today.

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G.O.A.T. V1 G.O.A.T. V1

v.1 - Most like the original and the blow will feel similar, although the mathematical path is cleaned up. A very high alpha, flat rim, soft bite, a bore that is a little smaller than a #24. Very open blow and you must respect that high alpha angle. The alpha angle can support your chops or stop them from vibrating if too much pressure is used. Most lead mouthpieces are between 15 and 24 degrees, an extremely high alpha is about 28 degrees, this model is close to 40 degrees. GR #2 Backbore and length.

Our Price: $395.00
G.O.A.T. V2 G.O.A.T. V2

v.2 – The rim and alpha angle the same as the v.1. This has a blow that works well with the modern day trumpets, it has a #27 bore, GR throat entrance that is longer and allows the mouthpiece to play better in tune and will help endurance even with larger bore or more open horn. Often players tend to go sharp on the original with the horns made today, due to the high alpha angle the lip engagement may be an issue. Added pressure leads to a very small cup volume left after the lips have engaged. The length of the mouthpiece with a non-linear shape doesn’t determine pitch. The volume determines the pitch. As the lips engage and reduce volume the upper register can go sharp, also the larger 24 bore will raise the pop pitch frequency of the mouthpiece. Therefore, in the v.2 we reduced the bore to bring pitch down a bit and added a little resistance to balance the lip engagement. GR #2 Backbore and length.

Our Price: $395.00
G.O.A.T. V3 G.O.A.T. V3

V.3 – This is the same basic rim. The rest of the parameters are redesigned with a lower alpha angle in the low 20’s and a bit more room yet giving the same powerful sound in the upper register and fatness in the lower register. GR #1 Backbore and length.

Our Price: $395.00
G.O.A.T. Flugel G.O.A.T. Flugel

Flugelhorn version of the G.O.A.T.  Scare them with the G.O.A.T trumpet piece, woo them with the G.O.A.T flugel. Big, fat, fluffy, push it and it can sound mean or lay back and feel those overtones.

Our Price: $395.00