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G.O.A.T. V2
G.O.A.T. V2

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v.2 – The rim and alpha angle the same as the v.1. This has a blow that works well with the modern day trumpets, it has a #27 bore, GR throat entrance that is longer and allows the mouthpiece to play better in tune and will help endurance even with larger bore or more open horn. Often players tend to go sharp on the original with the horns made today, due to the high alpha angle the lip engagement may be an issue. Added pressure leads to a very small cup volume left after the lips have engaged. The length of the mouthpiece with a non-linear shape doesn’t determine pitch. The volume determines the pitch. As the lips engage and reduce volume the upper register can go sharp, also the larger 24 bore will raise the pop pitch frequency of the mouthpiece. Therefore, in the v.2 we reduced the bore to bring pitch down a bit and added a little resistance to balance the lip engagement. GR #2 Backbore and length.