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The rim contour is slightly more rounded than the GR Standard rim, plus it has a softer bite radius.

The MS cup has a medium volume with lots of sizzle and power. It's an excellent choice for any commercial venue. The alpha angle is medium high and the 1
st cup allows for ample lip room.

The M cup has a large diameter that features a smaller 1st cup, medium 2nd cup, and a very long and deep throat entrance. This cup has a large volume yet it is very efficient. The sound is rich and brilliant through the range of the horn. This cup is very versatile and allows the player to shade and color the tone.

Models Backbore Cup Volume Cup Volume Cup Diameter r2 r4 Rim
66.5 Number Description Cubic Inches Inch mm Fraction @.032" Contour Bite Alpha Angle
66.5MS 1 Medium Small 0.0756 .665 16.89 42.56/64 0.685 Medium Round Soft Medium High
66.5M 2 Medium 0.084 .665 16.89 42.56/64 0.685 Medium Round Soft Medium

66.5 Series Trumpet Mouthpieces