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The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece is a joint effort by Ted Sparks and Gary Radtke of GR Technologies.

The Sparx cornet mouthpiece was designed primarily for Brass band cornet playing. It had to meet a varied list of requirements:
  • Better intonation than any cornet mouthpiece on the market today
  • Plays evenly from high to low
  • Strong rich true cornet sound
  • Comfortable enough for long hours of taxing brass band playing

  • The Sparx Mouthpiece cup is computer-balanced with the GR Mouthpiece Design Program.
  • Each mouthpiece is acoustically and mathematically balanced to achieve a full rich solid core of sound.
  • Throat diameters and lengths are blended with mathematically calculated backbore lengths and shapes for evenness of blow and intonation.
  • The rim of this mouthpiece is slightly wider and flatter then many other mouthpieces.
  • This design allows for maximum flexibility without a loss of endurance.
  • The player can maintain a secure grip and play for hours with greater comfort.
"I recently played a Sparx cornet mouthpiece...tried it in the afternoon and played it the same evening for a major concert. It inspires confidence, has great intonation and delivers with tremendous reliability.

This is an excellent mouthpiece produced by a master craftsman!"

Jens Lindemann
World renowned soloist.
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