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****Mouthpiece Availability***

Our GR Mouthpieces are in such high demand that inventory is always very low. There is a chance that we have what you need and can ship right away, however, it is safe to assume that all mouthpieces are made to order and will be at the very least, six weeks till we can ship. Of course we will notify you of the status when you place your order. Thank you for understanding.

Hearing Rumors?

GR  is currently entertaining offers to purchase our company.  Gary has been at this particular chapter in his life for over 25 years and it is time to slow down just a bit. Till then, we still have inventory available and can maybe even make a few more if what you want is not in stock. That's all we can say for now. If you need a backup...order it asap if you want an Original GR made by the man himself.

However, we do have more raw brass in stock and we have just released the G.O.A.T series which is based off of an old Maynard design. If you need any backup mouthpieces or have always wanted a GR, the time is now!

We do have Couesnon Flugelhorn Leadpipes available, piccolo trumpet and cornet pieces, a few Louis Dowdeswell models, and some trumpet pieces ready to ship right away!! Get them while you can. (I even had GR make me a few of my main piece and have them locked away in a safe).  Contact us with any questions you may have.

Brian Scriver

Find out how...

GR Technologies has been redefining the industry's standard since 1998.

  • The GR No-Discontinuity Design allows for a perfect blend of rim to cup, to throat, to backbore for optimum performance.
  • Gary Radtke's technical background includes over 30 years of machine tool building, tool making, manufacturing, and design. These qualifications far exceed those found in the mouthpiece manufacturing industry today.
  • Our parameters are held to the closest tolerance and each part is inspected many times during the manufacturing process.
  • Because the sound wave is setting up faster in a GR Mouthpiece, accuracy is greatly improved.
  • All aspects of your playing are made easier with our state of the art designs and superior manufacturing processes.

What People Say About Us

"The core of sound is unmatched by anything I have played my entire career."

Wayne Bergeron

"I am rediscovering how to play my horn. I feel like a kid again!"

Eric Miyashiro

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Please Note:

GR Technologies does not offer trials or accept returns. Please visit a GR dealer if you wish to try a GR Mouthpiece.

All custom mouthpieces must be paid for in full prior to the mouthpiece being made.


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