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Fornero Series Trumpet
Fornero Series Trumpet

Our Price: $375.00

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Fornero Models:

Based off of our 3 series rim, the Fornero Series features a higher alpha angle and great ease of response. The sound is huge and reaches out to the audience or microphone with ease. Dan carries all of the following models in his gig bag for his varied types of work:

The Fornero is a beautifully designed all purpose mouthpiece perfect for all situations from orchestral playing to Big Band lead trumpet. This is the original mouthpiece made following two days of hands-on design consultation with Gary Radtke.
  • Cup volume = .0771"
  • #1 Backbore
Based off the original Fornero design, the d4nero works great on the more commercial side of playing. Dan uses the d4nero for more punch and a bit more ease in the upper register.
  • Added compression over the Fornero
  • Cup Volume = .0763"
  • #1 Backbore
The d4nero* is my go-to mouthpiece for big band lead trumpet playing. It offers me great control & accuracy, plus fantastic response with a the huge sound that we're accustomed to with GR Mouthpieces."
  • Added compression over the d4nero
  • Cup Volume = .075
  • #1 Backbore
occasionally uses the d4nero** for extreme upper register. While offering an easy extreme upper register, it maintains great flexibility and a strong sound. This cup offers ample chop room with compression and the design allows you to play lead with precision and style. You don't need to force it or over blow it to take a head clean off. Our apologies to sax players…(Not really)
  • The smallest mouthpiece in the Fornero series
  • Volume = .0746" with a lot of reflection
  • #1 Backbore
Fornero 10
Based off the original 'Fornero' design, GR masterfully created this to be the most efficient mouthpiece for lead trumpet playing. It is a fantastic addition to the series and Dan is now using this mouthpiece as his go-to for lead playing.

Fornero MX
The Fornero MX is the mouthpiece I use most for classical playing. Its depth of sound and ease of blend are a great help when playing in orchestras or when the music requires a sound with less edge."
  • A great match on Dan's C trumpet
  • Cup Volume = .0822"
  • #3 Backbore